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Get connected in a big church.

At Christian Life we believe you were created for community! Becoming a part of a Life Group is one of the best ways to get involved and be known in a big church.

​We start new cycles of life groups two times a year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

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About Our Life Groups

Our Spring Life Groups run from February to April. Our Fall Life Groups begin after Labor Day and run through November. Some groups meet year-round. Check out the link above for an updated list and description of each group that is currently open.

Life Groups provide an opportunity for people to grow closer to Christ while building community with one another. They are discussion-based in nature and use various curricula or sermon-based lessons.

What to expect

We love our leaders!

We have life groups for everyone in every stage of life – young adults, moms, couples, singles, seniors, new believers, women, teens, men and more!

We are always looking for leaders to lead more groups in our growing church! If you are interested in leading a life group, please register for the Life Group Leader Training Sessions. We have two trainings every year in January and August at the beginning of each Life Group semester

At Christian Life, we believe we must work at growing SMALLER as our church grows LARGER.

Our Vision


To provide a place where people can connect with Christ and the Christian Life family.

It is easy to feel alone in a crowd. Life Groups provide an opportunity for people to join one another’s journey and experience the love and strength of a biblical community. Our prayer is for every person within each Life Group to feel loved, accepted, honored and respected.


To provide a place where people, as disciples of Christ, can grow in biblical knowledge and their relationship with God and others.

Life Groups provide people with an opportunity to better understand and apply God’s Word to everyday life. The goal for Life Groups is to provide people with the opportunity to grow spiritually and relationally.


To protect each Life Group member and provide a place where people can ask questions, seek accountability and be transparent with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Life Groups are made up of people with whom you can request prayer when doubting or going through a difficult time. Our goal for Life Groups is to provide a safe haven from the onslaught of the world and to create an atmosphere where members can be open and honest.

Life Group Leaders


If you have already attended the training sessions and are ready to fill out an application for leading your life group, please click the link below.

Let's do this


Life Groups are designed to give members an opportunity to do what typically cannot be done in larger settings (e.g. Sunday morning and Wednesday night services) such as praying for one another individually and discussing practical ways to walk out biblical truths. Life Group leaders serve as facilitators and involve as many people as possible in the conversation. Our heart is to give “air time” to everyone.

There are spring and fall semesters of Life Groups. The spring semester begins at the beginning of February and ends the last week of April. The fall semester begins following Labor Day in September and ends the week preceding Thanksgiving. Some Life Groups vary as to when they begin and end.

No. Both sermon-based (where group discussions are based on Sunday’s message) and need-based (e.g. where group discussions are based on marriage, prayer, parenting, special topics, etc.) groups are offered at Christian Life Church. All curriculum used within Life Groups must be approved by the pastoral staff.

Life Group booklets list the days, times, locations, leader information and topics of the groups and are available in the church bulletins before the spring and fall semesters. Life Group promotion Sundays are held two Sundays prior to each semester, and an updated list of Life Groups can always be found here on the website.

Life Groups are open to everyone! Once you have determined which Life Group you would like to attend, contacting the leader of the Life Group is the best way to reserve your spot. Most Life Groups have a numerical cap to maintain the effectiveness and intimacy of the group, and they fill up fast! If a Life Group which you are interested in is full, you may wish to contact the leader and let them know you are interested in the group if any openings become available. In the meantime, we encourage you to become involved with another great group.

Most of the Life Groups meet on the church campus on either Wednesday (7:00-8:30) or Sunday (6:00-8:30) evenings. Many of the groups meeting on the church campus also provide childcare. Some Life Groups meet other days and times of the week at various houses. The Life Group leaders determine the day and place their Life Group will meet.

Those interested in serving as a Life Group leader MUST:

  • Attend the Next Step classes and become a member of Christian Life Church.
  • Attend an existing Life Group for one semester.
  • Attend the Life Group Leader training sessions.
  • Abide by and agree to the leader’s honor code.
  • Be confirmed by pastoral staff.
  • Complete a Life Group Leader application (you MUST attend the training sessions prior to filling out an application).