At KidzLife Jr. we strive to create a safe, loving and Jesus-centered environment for your little ones!

Our lessons are geared for each specific age with hands-on crafts, stories and visuals to help them go home with the “big idea” from that day! If your child is in any of our classes, even the babies, we encourage you to ask them questions from their time with us!

We may be biased, but we feel our KidzLife Jr. team is the best around! You’ll often find them on the floor playing with a baby, kneeling down to be eye level with your toddler or doing a hands-on project with your kindergartener. We often tell our little ones that while we are in our class that YOU [the parent] are in your own class. So, while you’re enjoying your class, there are lots of love, bubbles, coloring, lessons, worship and fun being had over at KidzLife!