Special Announcement

A Note from Pastor Stephen

Hello Loved Ones, 

I think we are all at a loss to describe the events of the past few weeks. 

As you probably know by now, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are canceling all live events at Christian Life through April 1st. This is not what we want, but we have no real choice in the matter. Restrictions on gatherings and the aggressive nature of the virus has forced our leaders to implement extreme measures in order to slow down and eventually stop the spread of the Corona Virus. 


A letter from Pastor Cory detailing our plan of action for the next few weeks follows. 

We will keep building the Kingdom and nurturing our fellowship by joining together for online services each Sunday morning at 10:00am. Details are in Cory’s letter. Let’s come together in Spirit until we can come together at church again.Regular updates will take place as we move through this crisis. 

I want to remind you that you are loved deeply by the Chittys, and especially by The Lord. My heart is moved for each of you. Some will face great adversity in the days ahead. We face uncertainty in the realm of finances, employment, and health. 

I wish I could solve every problem, provide every need and heal every hurt. I can’t, but there is one thing I can do. So this is my prayer of blessing for each of you. It is given through tears, but with complete confidence in the ability of The Great Shepherd to watch over us all. He will keep us. 

Thus you shall bless the people of The Lord: you shall say to them, 
24 The Lord bless you and keep you; 
25 the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; 
26 the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. 
27 “So shall you put my name upon the people of God, and I will bless them.” 
(Numbers 6:23-27)

We will get through this, and we will become stronger as a result. 

Remember this: I Believe GOD! I Believe in YOU! You are loved more than you can imagine! 

Pastor Stephen​

A Note from Pastor Cory

Dear Christian Life Family,

As Pastor has said, the situation with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is fluid. It seems we learn new information day by day. It is with a heavy, but honoring heart that we comply with the President's request to suspend large gatherings. We have asked the Lord to give our leaders wisdom and we trust He is working through them with this decision. 

With that said, Christian Life will suspend all current services, gatherings, and events through Wednesday, April 1st. We are committed to clear, consistent communication as events unfold. Please look for further updates (email, http://www.clcolumbia.com, social media, phone calls, etc.) from us as we look to resume all services and activities as soon as possible! Though this may seem discouraging, these limitations have opened the door for innovation and opportunity! Here are some details you need to know: 


Beginning Sunday (March 22nd), we will begin online church services. Join us at 10:00am for worship, prayer, and sermon. Playback is available if you miss the start time. Simply go to this link to view: https://vimeo.com/398292088. If there is trouble viewing, please visit http://www.clcolumbia.com. 


Our pastors are here to serve the church family during this time. There are limitations, but please do not hesitate to call 803-260-5023 for urgent needs and/or prayer. 


Your generosity during this time is vital to our church family. As always, you are able to give by: 

Mail/Drop Off 
2700 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 (if dropping off, please call ahead of time) 


Text any amount to 803-302-3032. 

Right Now Media 
This online resource is free to all of the Christian Life family! Simply visit http://www.clcolumbia.com/rightnowmedia to sign up. 

Parent Take Home Papers 
Pastor Frank will upload the parent take home papers on our website later this week. 

Visit https://rb.gy/xwot1h to access past sermons from our YouTube channel. 

Once again, we ask you to join us in prayer on the following levels: 

We are asking the Lord to end this virus. 

We are asking the Lord to protect us as His people from harm and fear. 

We are asking the Lord to give our national, local, and spiritual leaders divine wisdom. 

We are asking the Lord to cover all first responders, medical personnel, children, and the elderly with supernatural energy and enhanced immune systems. 

We are asking the Lord to teach us all we need to learn from this situation. 

We are asking the Lord to use us as light in these dark times. 


We love you dearly! And we are prayerful and expectant to see you again very soon! 

Pastor Cory​


Executive Pastor