Hello Loved Ones,

Thank you so much for praying for me!


I look forward to getting past this and hopefully seeing you at church before long.


I wanted to get in touch with the church family today to let you know what Phase Two of our reopening is looking like.


As we have been saying for several weeks, let’s all remain flexible since we are definitely not in charge of this Pandemic and the circumstances it has produced. Often it seems like our best laid plans need to be changed after only a few days.


We are thankful for your continued support of our church family - emotionally, financially and relationally. The past three and a half months has put us to the test, and I’m so pleased with your response.


As we move into July, we feel it is best to back off some anticipated plans for phase two. Please don’t feel frustrated - we’re all trying to walk in faith and sometimes even faith can lead us down a cautious road for a while.


We are seeing case numbers that have many folks hesitant to resume normal activities. This is understandable since there is so much we are still learning about this virus. The cautious and the careless alike seem to be afflicted. It is everywhere, it seems, and sometimes it seems the best move is to simply stay home. Opinions are all over the place, so we will refrain from editorializing and simply let you know the path we feel is best for church attendance in July.


       1.      Instead of resuming our two service schedule on July 5th, we will continue with the one service format through the month of July. Each Sunday service will be at 10:00 AM. The service will be live and live-streamed as well. Instead of dividing the church into four groups, we are using two. A-M (your Sundays are July 5 and 19), and N-Z (your Sundays are July 12 and 26). If this designation doesn’t work for you, remember it is only a guideline. Come when you can.

       2.      We are postponing nursery, childcare and kids church for a little longer. We want to keep our children as protected as possible, and until our volunteers are able to get back, childcare would be difficult to provide. There will be no children’s camp, Impact Girls, or Rangers on Wednesdays in July.

       3.      Wednesday Union and Pastor’s Bible Study will continue as they did in June.

       4.      Beginning July 5th, Brown Chapel will be open on Sundays for those who desire a “Mask Required” place of worship. The service will be simulcast from the Main Sanctuary.


We have done everything reasonable to make Christian Life a safe environment, and there is no indicator that we have failed in that regard. There is one thing you can do to help us, though. Let me encourage everyone to practice hand sanitizing protocol, maintain social distancing, and wear masks as much as possible. I GUARANTEE THAT NOBODY DISLIKES THIS MORE THAN I DO, but for the time being, it is the wise thing to do.


One final thought…

We are regrouping to know how to care for the needs of church family during these difficult times. It looks like this may the new way of life for a while. Be patient with us as we learn how to serve you better.


Thank you for your patience.


Thank you for your faithful support.


Thank you for allowing the fruit of the Spirit to mark your words and responses.


More details and updates will follow as soon as we are able to navigate these new waters.


I believe in you!

You are loved, 
You are missed,
You are prayed for every day.

Pastor Stephen