Loved Ones,

I’m missing you guys SO MUCH! I can hardly wait until we regather — and that will be soon, Lord willing.

In fact, I want to encourage you to join us online tomorrow morning at 10 AM and I’ll share a little news about that.

By Tuesday you should receive an email AND a link to a video from me explaining our detailed plan for re-opening! The information is too detailed to take time during the service to share, but full details will be in your box. We will also be mailing a paper copy to you next week.

As I was preparing my new Wednesday night series on the life of Moses, I came across Chuck Swindoll’s commentary on the difficulties which Israel faced in those tough days in Egypt before deliverance. He cited three principles that I thought might be good for us to take note of during our current distress.

#1. Hard times don’t erase God’s promises. 

In the most difficult of days (days which saw increasing hardship and great evil), God promised — “I will send a deliverer!” And He did. This is how the great story of Moses began.

#2. Harsh treatment doesn’t escape God’s notice. 

God said, “I have seen; I have heard; I am concerned. So I have come down to rescue them.”
#3. Heavy tests don’t eclipse God’s concern. 

No matter how great the severity and intensity of our trials, it is never greater than His concern and care for us.

Be encouraged Loved Ones — there is no safer place to be than in the Hands of God!

I love you. I miss you. I am praying for you!

Pastor Stephen