Church Wide Updates

Updated 6/27/2020

Christian Life Family,

Happy New Year! I wanted to send a brief reminder of some changes beginning this Sunday, January 10, 2021. 


1/ We will lift alphabet restrictions on attendance. This means A-Z are welcome to attend every Sunday. 


2/ We will increase seating in the Sanctuary by 85 chairs. 


3/ We will add 100 chairs to the Foyer. This area will be enhanced with appropriate sound & televisions to ensure a quality experience. 


4/ We will continue to have Brown Chapel as an overflow facility. This area is fully equipped with pastors, ushers, security, & ministry teams.


5/ We will have yellow social distancing sheets. These may be placed on either side of your family if you wish for more space. 


6/ We will ask everyone to wear masks while walking into & out of the Sanctuary (not throughout the service). This is not an element that will be enforced, but simply a request. 


These are trying times for everyone! With that in mind, we are asking all to be considerate of others. We may never all come to an agreement on masks, social distancing, & so forth, but as a spiritual family we can honor the Lord by honoring one another, regardless of our views on such topics. I am so grateful that this church has always chosen to honor! I am thankful to be a part of the Christian Life family! 


As always, please reach out if you have further questions. We love you & cannot wait to be with you in worship this weekend! 

Pastor Cory

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